Ciderie Du Minot

During your visit to our cidrerie, you will benefit from a self-guided tour in the form of interpretation panels made available to visitors. You will learn about all aspects of cider production, from apple growing, to the stages of production and ending with a free commented tasting of our ciders.

The ciders at Du Minot are made with ultra-modern equipment and technology and our facilities are nestled in the warm charm of stone and wood. Take the opportunity to get a few good bottles on site.

At the very opposite, take a trip through time and see how cider was made in Breton villages in the 19th century. The Demoys have brought the family press from overseas, giving a new life to our little museum “cidrerie du grand-père”! Visitors of the Cidrerie Du Minot can now admire this vestige of a bygone era… not so long gone!

Opening hours

From April 1st to December 24th
Monday to Sunday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
January 15th to April 1st
Monday to Friday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Free tasting for all of our ciders

Products and Tastings


Ready to Drink

Rose Cider

Still (or flat) Cider

Alcohol Free

Ice Cider

The museum “Cidrerie du grand-père”

The museum “Cidrerie du grand-père” allows you to familiarize yourself with the period instruments used for the production of cider: the crusher and its press of the 19th century, the corker, the bottler, as well as the barrels and the vats in wood.