Our History

Our diverse heritage has served as a template for the community we live in today. Hemmingford and our people are a proud mix of French and English bilingual speakers, working, and socializing, together in both languages. Our closeness to the United States provides an additional layer of our towns important and extraordinary history. American, British and French settlers have all left their impact; which can still be seen today as most township roads are named after these early establishers.

Our Land

We are a community built primarily on the shoulders of generational farmers and we are proud to support a community of farmers who have raised the bar for ethical standards and sustainable development practices. Under a new agricultural business model, our producers are ensuring the sustainability of the industry, and therefore our community as a whole.  Through agritourism, we are increasing awareness of safe and sustainable environmental practices and climate change awareness, helping to respect the tenants of the environment and cultivate a love of nature. Our passion for connecting people back to the land, and an appreciation for our cultural and structural landscape are at the heart of our community and the industries that thrive here.

Our Community Welcomes You

We are a community welcoming of agritourism and tourism; where cultural and historical heritage are highlighted and valued; where economic development on a human scale is combined with respect for the environment.