Philion Ecological Orchards

Only 35 minutes from Montreal and 1.6 km from the charming village of Hemmingford, an idyllic experience awaits you at Philion Ecological Orchards.

In addition to the many varieties of apples available for the u-pick, we have a wide selection of apples, honey and maple products.

Come and spend a memorable day in an enchanting setting. Picnic tables are located throughout the orchard, so bring your lunch and enjoy good times with family and friends. You can also take a walk in the woods, or go for a ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor. Whatever your age, you’ll enjoy this guided tour, where you’ll learn the many secrets of the forbidden fruit.

Opening hours

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Cider and wine tastings are free


Cider and wine tasting are available and free.


Apples, pears and plums.



Friga is an ice cider developed from a carefully chosen selection of five varieties of apples, hand-picked and ripened to perfection. After they are harvested in the fall, they are immediately placed in cold storage until it’s time for exposure to the natural cold of Quebec winters. To avoid altering the flavour, fallen apples are not added to this blend. After a period of freezing, the apples are crushed and pressed. The extracted juice is left outside until its water freezes and separates from the natural sugars. This process is called cryoconcentration. It is followed by many months of low temperature fermentation to develop optimum flavour and bouquet.

Gaia is a pear ice wine made from hand-picked pears that are crushed and cold-pressed. To avoid altering the flavour of perfectly ripe fruit, fallen pears are not used. The sugars are concentrated by the natural cold of Quebec winters, using a process known as cryoconcentration. This is followed by many months of low temperature fermentation to develop optimum flavour and bouquet.

• Cortland
• Délicieuse jaune
• Délicieuse rouge
• Empire
• Ginger Gold
• Paula Red
• Honey Crisp
• Fameuse
• McIntosh
• Red Cortland
• Royal Gala
• Jersey Mac
• Lobo
• Northern Spy
• Russet
• Spartan
• Wealthy

• Flemish Beauty
• Clapp’s Favourite

• Mont-Royal